Our thai-massage studio is located in the centre of Szentgotthard, approximately 3 kms from the Austrian and 15 kms from the Slovenian border. Our shop has open every day from 9.00-19.00 and offers our customers the possibility of a treatment under +43 664-9777316!

If you would like to enjoy active relaxation, or have orthopedic problems, or would simply like to eliminate the stress caused by work, our studio is the place to go.

Our certified massage therapists, who were all trained at the famous „WAT-PHO” massage school of Bangkok, will give you first class, traditional thai-massage in a pleasant environment. 

The TTM (traditional thai massage) is a more than hundred years old complex method with a long lasting positive effect through the proper technique of transmitting power and energy.

The massage therapists use their thumbs, palms, arms, elbows, feet and knee and use only high quality herb and aloe vera-oils to handle allergies and skin irritations.

Through the interaction of gentle flowing movements deep stretching creates a state of deep relaxation and recuperation.

The TTM works through the harmonic stimulation of the energy of the body and soul.

The positive effects of TTM have already been recognized by the traditional medicine, thus it is a powerful method to balance out the every day stress. 

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